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模写は勉強になる Copying is useful for study

模写は勉強になる Copying is useful for study





The Basic of calligraphy is Rinsho, which is to say that we learn the basics from copying  the examples of great masters such as Kukai and Wang Xizhi. There are so many examples and we do not end no mutter how we practice on the rice paper. In the meantime, we can find our own style and create art works.

There is the same way with sumi-e. I had never studied with this way, but a little while ago, I copied a work of Ukai Uchiyama, the great master of sumi-e, then I found many useful things from it. The photo is the one I copied ‘Sarukuiwashi’ of Ukai Uchiyama. While I copying, I noticed from where he had started to draw and how he had drawn it. At the same time, I found my individuality. It was interesting.

I discoverd that this way is also needed to progress. I think it is necessary for my students to do it sometimes. There are a lot of useful techniques in the works of great artists.


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