Sumi-e/Suibokuga/Ink painting/La peinture à l'encre/Japnese painting/La peinture japonaise/墨絵教室/日本画/田園都市線 たまプラーザ/小田急線 新百合ヶ丘

Why not try traditional culture of Japan in an exotic Japanese house?
You can enjoy sumi-e or calligraphy lessons together and the tea ceremony after class.

You will have a wonderful and unforgettable experience here!

ENJOY SUMI-E ― You will discover the real culture of Japan.
You will be able to complete one work as a tangible souvenir of our time together.
What about a nice tea after the class ?

7,000 yen / three hours
*including the sumi-e lesson, tea ceremony and transportation to and from Tamaplaza or Azamino station
*maximum four people per class

ENJOY JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY ― Feel the Japanese spirit!
In a peaceful atmosphere, learn Japanese poetic words and draw them. You can also write your name in elegant Kanjis. Let’s enjoy tea ceremony together after class.

7,000 yen / three hours
*including calligraphy lesson, tea ceremony and transpotation to and from Tamaplaza or Azamino station
*maximum four people per class


Shin-yurigaoka, Odakyu line (25 minutes from Shinjuku) or
Tamaplaza or Azamino station, Tokyu den-en-toshi line (25 minutes from Shibuya)

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