Sumi-e/Suibokuga/Ink painting/La peinture à l'encre/墨絵教室//田園都市線 たまプラーザ/小田急線 新百合ヶ丘
シリーズ最後のヒマワリ The last one of this series

シリーズ最後のヒマワリ The last one of this series

the last sunflower



As for the ‘Dying sunflowers’ series which had been possessed me for a while,  I drew a total eight pieces except No. 1 of the illusion that my cousin bought before I had taken its picture. The sunflowers which had modeled all the time dried up finally, but their figure was still beautiful and I could not readily throw them away. But yesterday, I finally decided to leave them. When I picked them up from a vase, they seemed to ask me to draw them more, but I threw them away to the trash box and said, “It’s thank to you, I could draw many good pictures.”

I apposed them. Yes, quite interesting!  “Someday, I am going to exhibit with a choice of three or four pieces of them.” My late aunt who was also a sumi-e artist used to say that it was difficult to impress people in the flower pieces, but I feel like being able to move people with a story in this way. More than anything, I enjoyed myself. I think that it is the best.

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