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枯れゆくひまわり  The dying sunflowers

枯れゆくひまわり  The dying sunflowers

the dying sunflowers 6 hp1


土曜日の夕方、女優の友人の家に遊びに行きました。彼女は安房直子の朗読劇をライフワークにしていて、原宿の小さな劇場で定期的に公演をしています。枯れゆくヒマワリの話をすると、彼女は急に目を輝かせて言いました。「なんという偶然なの! 7月の舞台では『ひまわり』っていう短い話を読むつもりなのよ。ねえ、あなたのヒマワリを舞台に並べたらどうかしら」。嬉しいオファーですが、急過ぎて準備が間に合いません。でも逆に、私が次に展覧会を開く時に、ヒマワリの絵の前で彼女に朗読してもらうことはできます。これはステキなコラボレーションになるに違いありません。来年、生徒さんたちと社中展を開く時に実現できるよう計画しよう。高尚でいいね。なんだか楽しさがこみ上げてきました。

As God of Art decended on me, I have been painting the changing sunflowers for a week. The more I painted it, the more it became exciting, I got crazy about that. In fact, I had two kinds of sunflowers in a vase, one died down early and just the one of Gogh left there. The one died was bending their heads slowly whereas the other one stood up straight for all time. Both are interesting but the one with bending head is more artistic. So I draw the Gogh one with taking artistic license. This is the one on the sixth day.

On Saturday evening, I went to see my friend who is an actress. She puts on the reading performance every two months in the small play house in Harajuku. I told her about ‘the dying sunflowers’ series, she said “What a coincidence! I am going to read a short story named ‘Himawari (sunflowers)’ next week. Why don’t you display your works on my stage?” It was a pleasant offer but too soon. However, I can ask her to read it in front of my sunflowers in my next exhibition which will be held next year, the group exhibition with my student. I am sure that will be a nice collaboration! I felt a surge of pleasure.

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